Friday, October 28, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expressions are universal, they are the expression of emotion. They are not taught different in other cultures around the world. If you are happy, you smile. If you're sad, you smile. Surprised is the same facial expression everywhere. If you were in a different country and you saw someone frown, you would know that the are unhappy.

Low-Poly 1

*Remember in both projects to put big triangles where not a lot of detail is required (Shirt, hair, neck, skin) and to put smaller triangles where detail is needed (eyes, nose, mouth)*
Low-Poly 2 
-You can create poly-1 by first opening a photo document in Photoshop. Then you lock the background layer and create a new layer. After that you get onto the new layer and select the line tool. With the line tool you make an outline of your face. Then, you can split your subject into sections, for example, I split in into hair, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and then the rest of your face. Once you do that, you then go around to all of your different sections and make triangles with in them. Once you cover your whole face in triangles, you can go to the "polygonal lasso tool" and then in a new layer select the different triangles and click "filter" then click "blur" and then average". You can press command D to deselect. Then you go around to every triangle and press command F to place the filter that you just used onto the other documents. after that, you turn off the outline layer and enjoy your very own Low poly portrait.

-If you don't like how poly-1 looked, you can create poly-2. You start by first taking your image and placing it into Photoshop, then you can lock the background layer and "command J" it to copy the layer. Once you have the second layer, name it "Low Poly". Then you can start working. You go to the polygonal lasso tool (press "L" to use it) and creating a triangle. It is better if you start in the chest area. After that, you do the hair then do the neck, then the skin, then the main features like the eyes and mouth. Once you have the triangle, you can click "I" for the eyedropper tool, then you can find the color that you want that triangle to be, every triangle should be a different color. Once you get the color, press "alt" and "delete" at the same time to apply the color. Do that until the image is finished.

The custom and easy way were very different. The custom was a lot more fun to do but also a lot more work. The easy way was a lot less fun and didn't require that much work. The custom one was my favorite to do because it was just fun to do. They were also very alike because you were using the same type if animation so you get a look into what its actually going to look like. Also, you can customize the easy one a little bit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature impacts my life in little ways. I do not like nature very much. I like inside, with wifi, and warmth. If I had to choose the way the nature affects my life would probably be through animals. I really like animals. I have a dog, 3 chickens, a duck, and 2 bunnies. I do not like the chickens and suck because they scare me, but I love my dog and my bunnies.

Timelaspes are made by taking a video. The videos that I took were around 15-20 minutes maybe even more. It all depends on how long you want it to be. Then you take the video and import it to your editing application. You then adjust the speed on the video making it go fast. Adjust how you like it. A slow-mo is the exact opposite, you take a 5 second video and then adjust the time making it go in "slow motion".

The hardest part of this project would be trying to hold the camera steady as you are taking the videos. That was one thing I struggled with. I had to re-do about 4 of the timelapses because they were to shaky. My favorite part about this project was seeing the beautiful things in nature. I woke up one morning to get the sunrise. I also went to the beach to get the sunset. Those were very beautiful times of day.

I agree with my critique results because my project was good, but it wasn't my best. I feel like I could have done better, but I am overall happy with my result. It is what I deserve. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry is art in words. Just as music is art in sounds. Poetry is a way that you can show how you feel, literal or fictional. Poetry is used to express the way you feel, I believe poetry is a way to express your feelings. Poetry can have all different meanings.

I had hard time making my poetic statement, Specifically with making it poetic and making it rhyme. In the end I realized that poetry doesn't need to rhyme, or include metaphors, it just need to be how you feel, because that is poetry.

I want to travel the world,
I want to see everything,
Visit all of the haunted places,
With my best friend by my side in a 67' Chevy Impala,
When I see them, I want to speak the same language,
I want to see my favorite things, I want to meet my favorite people.

I use rhythm when playing music, or singing. Those are mostly the two things I use rhythm for, other then maybe reading aloud. I use rhyme to make memes. I also use rhyme to make puns. Rhyming is  when two or more words sound similar.  You use them both use them in poetry.